Best Tips For Decluttering

Sometimes your home gets just so messy that it cleaning up seems like a painful chore. Even so, decluttering is very important as some of its major benefits are less stress in life, less to clean and less anxiousness from within and the feeling of being motivated and organized. Overall, the state of your room and home can greatly affect the state of your mind as well. Sometimes, even if you know where to start, the clutter begins to feel overwhelming and anxiety sets in. If that happens to you, then know that you are not alone! This article will show you the fastest way to declutter your home, all in three quick and easy steps.

1. Fill the Trash

In every area, you organize, start by choosing the obvious trash. Look for broken items and discarded packaging first – get them out of the way. Expired coupons, empty used envelopes, brochures, bottles, and dried-up glue and pens can also go. Start by looking to reduce the volume of stuff lying around. The space that trash takes up blocks your ability to make good decisions and as such increases stress. Reducing the volume of items considered trash first will help you to keep motivated and the result last will be long-lasting. After this, clearing the rest of your stuff will seem like a breeze.

2. Remove unnecessary Items Out of the Kitchen

Before you start organizing your kitchen cabinets, first get non-kitchen items out of your way because, one way or another, everything always ends up in the kitchen! Create a box of stuff that belongs in another room with a label. Next, subdivide the box by room. For example, all the books go to the study room, and the expired package goes in the garbage bag. Now that you have your box with labels, shift the box to the other rooms. if it doesn’t have any label and you think that that this might be useful in future then leave it in the storeroom. And there you have it! Over two-thirds of the decluttering is already done.

3. Organize the Closet One Drawer at a Time

Messy closets can cost you a lot of time and energy, especially when you’re in a hurry and just can’t find that certain pair of jeans or belt. Stop the frustration and start cleaning. It only takes some time to convert an overflowing closet into an organized one. Eliminate most of the things in the closet by working on one shelf or drawer at a time. Quickly remove everything from the closet including clothes, hangers, and shoes, and shift it onto your bed or floor. Next, grab some trash bags, a marker, and some tape.

Pick your first trash bag and write on it with the marker “trash.” On the second bag, if you want to donate those clothes write donate. If you have a lot of designer clothing, consider grabbing a third bag for items you can keep safe. After that, you just need to put everything from the keep pile back in your drawers or hangers. For the rest of the bags, put the trash bag in your bin and send the charity bag to an NGO. Now with an organized closet, you can easily find your clothes without wasting any time.

Keeping these three simple yet effective steps in mind, it is time to attack that growing jumble of things in your home. Start with a single room and work your way up. It may seem like a daunting task now, but approach it one step (or bag) at a time, and you’ll be back to a picture-perfect home in no time!

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