Career: A Journey or a Goal?

It’s what you overcome, rather than what you achieve!”

You must have heard a lot about how to build a successful career from a young age. Just old enough to understand that a ‘decent’ or a ‘noble’ job is necessary to cope up with the competitive conditions of the modern world! Perhaps, this is why one always needs to have a career plan ahead of time to accomplish this. But before that have you ever wondered what it takes to reach your professional destination? Getting there is a journey – a long one! 

It is time to unlearn and to understand that career is not just a goal, but a huge journey of trials and errors until you reach your desired destination or ‘goal’.

Why Career should be treated like a Journey? 

For some professionals, their career seems to be their destination, a final target they aim to reach.  For this, they aspire to be successful; it can be in terms of achieving a specific role or maybe getting into an organization, or being recognized in their line of work. This philosophy is tricky as it necessarily should end up in a win-win, or else it can doom a person’s willpower, ultimately affecting his mental health. On the other hand, if you treat your career as a journey, you are seeking to build your professional repertoire by gaining experience by working from different perspectives. A person who strives to build this attitude will be focusing on excellence and they try to imbue their learning trajectory with the pursuit of knowledge. 

The words of the famous professional baseball player Carlton Fisk that, “It’s not what you achieve, it’s what you overcome” well explains this constructive philosophy of viewing a career as a long path with lots of hurdles, where you discover your true potential and capabilities. While both types might succeed in their endeavors, the long ride is much more blissful and fulfilling in the latter case, which is studded with consistent hard work and efforts to imbibe the experiences and develop professionally.  

How should one develop this mentality?

“Aim towards excellence and all good things will follow”

Don’t give yourself up to societal pressure is rule number one. Rome was not built in a day! Keep yourself calm, focus on your goal, and make the best decisions in the way of your journey. Give yourself the key, not the people around you, because you are, and you should be, responsible for your choice. Be Task-oriented, rather than Result-oriented, because success is a sum of all our persistent efforts, day in and day out. To grow organically, you need to apply yourself to each task, imbibing new and fresh skills to deepen your learning curve. Adopting this kind of mindset will help you to see every success and failure as another milestone!

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