Five Myths About Being On Period

Menstruation’ – a biological process that every female experience in a definite passage of time. The menstrual cycle is a series of natural changes which help in hormonal production in a body of a female. Females experience vaginal bleeding, menstrual cramps, mood swings, and other symptoms as a part of this cycle; which should be understood and respected by others. In this modern era, we have people with intellectual mindsets who understand instead of holding misconceptions and behaving miserably towards a completely natural process.

But a bunch of stereotypes is always there to spread negativity and to pass irrelevant statements to demean women. Here I would like to bust some of the myths related to the same. You might have heard these, try to figure out the following:

MYTH 1: You shouldn’t have a bath while menstruating.

Contrary to this statement, hot water actually helps in reducing muscle tension, which is why most women utilize heating pads or hat water bags. Psychologically, a great bath helps in improving your mood and makes you feel better while your periods. It also helps in maintaining sanitation and reduces the chance of getting infected.

MYTH 2: You’re impure while menstruating.

People believe that a girl during her periods reflects impurity and families restrict her from entering the kitchen, places of worship and even stop her from getting involved in daily processes. However, scientifically, it is a biological process that is needed for the development of hormones for pregnancy and there is no proof of being impure or unclean in any way.

MYTH 3: You should not do strenuous activities during your period.

One of the most widespread misconceptions is that you shouldn’t exercise during your periods. No scientific reason has been stated or found behind this. Exercising reduces menstrual cramps and helps boost your mood.

MYTH 4: Your period should last exactly one week each month.

Is that a necessity? It is not someone’s own choice to start or stop their menstrual cycle. It happens naturally and sometimes, one could even miss their period because of different causes such as hormonal changes, stress, imbalanced diet. The length of one’s cycle, be it short or long, differs from person to person. There are also many girls who have an uneven menstrual cycle and fight with the pain of cramps, and this bulk of irrelevant myths only seems to add to their suffering.

MYTH 5: You shouldn’t be touching particular food items.

People do follow this misconception that women should not touch particular food items. Else those would get ruined, such as pickles. No scientific proof has been there. This has been just created in their heads and will get buried in those.

These are some of the misconceptions followed by people which should be discarded already. We all should understand and develop critical thinking about these superfluous ‘facts’ which we have heard. Not everything written in books, or passed down as wisdom from our elders is true. Start asking your parents, start asking your teachers, or another solution is to simply google it. You will see that these myths are basically unfounded trash stored in the minds of some prejudiced people which they want us to follow.

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