Gen-Z From A Grandmother’s Perspective

Have you ever wondered how a Gen-Z person comes off as… from a grandmother’s perspective that is?

I can take a guess at her initial thoughts. She must have seen them as cute little newborn babies, angels who will bring lots of joy, who would look at her with adoration and call her Grandma… ‘Wait for – Grandma? What now…? Hold up! I have become a GRANDMA?!?! Does that mean I am… OLD?’

Jokes apart. A Generation-Z or Gen-Z or Zoomer is a person who was born anywhere between 1997 and 2012. These people grew up with access to the internet and technology and are also known as ‘digital natives.’ Gen-Z all around the world is turning heads of other generations because of their radically different views, thoughts, lifestyle choices, etc. When we speak about a large group of people, the formation of stereotypes and myths is inevitable. Here are some ways a grandmother, who is typically from the baby boomer generation, may see them as-

First and foremost. She must be shocked at the number of screens and gadgets they are surrounded by. Smart TVs, smartphones, laptops, PCs, iPads – they have it all. Not only this, Gen-Z is great at handling them too. Give them any gadget and they can master the gadget’s working within minutes. 

The smartphone has essentially become a part of their body because they are never seen without phones. In any grandmother’s opinion, they are addicted to them. I did a little test. I asked 2 grandmothers this question a little question – ‘What do you think your grandchild does on the phone all day long?’ and here are their responses:

“Clicking selfies. What else do they know? Entire day tapping away on the phones! They are like woodpeckers, always pecking away at the phone. At least those birds are productive!”

Another grandma said, “Chatting away with friends, what else? Online friends are not friends! I think they should get out more often, right?”

Phones are pulled out only when they are in unfamiliar surroundings or around people who they don’t know. Observe them at social events when their favorite people are there- no phones in sight. There will be a full-blown conversation going on. Older people often see Gen-Z as lonely and left out because their ways of socializing are completely different. Zoom parties are to gen-z what discos were to baby boomers. 

On a positive note, baby boomers see Gen-Z as a more ambitious group of people. They are aware of how important their career is. Most of them are seen as good leaders with exceptional entrepreneurial skills. Many of them might not choose to get higher education and pursue the academic path but know what skills it takes to build a successful business. Gen-Z people are, most importantly, independent practical thinkers. They weigh their options carefully and evaluate how they will affect their future.

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