How To Face Your Failures

Failure! I suppose it is the most overrated and overused word you have ever heard, right? We all know and wholeheartedly believe that failure is the end of our lives… but is it really? In reality, failure is not the end of the world, it is a sign that you are challenging yourself to do something difficult and start learning, it is where you start growing. I know, we might find it hard to move on from the heartache and pain especially if we had put all our energy, hard work, and passion into achieving a particular goal or dream.

There are many reasons why you might be feeling like a failure – your boss denied you a deserving promotion, you failed in your favorite subject or you didn’t qualify for a debate competition, failing is a horrible feeling, but remember that when life closes one door, there are other doors and even windows opening for us. We are always presented with new opportunities, while we may not have taken the chance before, there is no reason to miss that opportunity now, right? It’s time to be brave and grab that second chance.

It is always possible to pick up the pieces and come back stronger than ever. Here’s how you can face your failures.

Failure is an emotion, it is anxiety, anger, sadness, demotivation, embarrassment, etc. rolled in one; but sometimes people never accept the reality. They try to escape their emotions and they end up living in denial. But rather than escaping, try to allow yourself to feel these negative emotions sometimes, acknowledge and face them, then maybe it will be these very emotions that become your motivating factor.

It can help you work harder with the passion to find better solutions so that you’ll improve next time. So, go ahead and accept and embrace your emotions. Acknowledge your feelings and let yourself feel bad for a bit. Label your emotions as you allow yourself to experience them and always remember – sometimes it’s okay to not be okay.

Instead of mourning and regretting your mistakes, failures, and losses, analyze them and think about how you can do better next time. If you’re too caught up in regretting your failure or losses, then there’s no way you’re going to be able to see the future and success. I know sometimes it may feel like everything is meaningless and lost, but it really isn’t the end of the world. Even when it seems like there’s no way out or you can’t find your way to complete your dream again, tell yourself that there is tomorrow and as long as tomorrow exists, we have the power to make everything better and real.

Be proud of the fact that you had failed because you were trying to do something new instead of remaining in your comfort zone. Failure is the first milestone towards your success and the knowledge and experience that you will gain from your failure will increase your faith in yourself and make you more confident and motivate you to try harder next time. Your failure shouldn’t define you, your success should.

Well, failure can be lessons learned, but don’t define yourself as a loser because of one mistake. Life has so much more to offer than that. Talk to someone, they might not be able to help you solve the problem, but they could give you alternative viewpoints or words of motivation, which is probably what you need, and always remember to learn from your failures and embrace them.

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