Myths About Mental Health illness

In today’s developing world, one needs to focus on certain aspects in order to maintain one’s identity. There are two basic sources of development: Tangible and Intangible sources. Tangible sources are simply described as those which are visible to us which includes a physical issue. Whereas intangible sources are those which are not visible to the naked eye, and that involve mental distress and illnesses.

Mental health is legitimately a valid issue that should be taken care of properly. There are a lot of myths surrounding it, which I would be putting forward here. Make note, don’t easily believe someone the next time they spout one of these as fact.

MYTH 1: Children don’t experience mental health illness 

Most of the people around hold the belief that children don’t experience mental health issues. Almost half of the mental health disorders show signs before a person turns 14. Children do get mentally ill. The causes behind this are none other than ignorance, insufficient care, and sometimes it could be biological too. These disorders are clinically diagnosable and children could recover them under well supervision and guidance.

MYTH 2: People with mental health illnesses are violent.

Most predict that a person with mental illness could react violently or harshly. People believe so because they don’t consider mental illness a real issue; they see it more as someone temporarily losing their senses and, as such, predictably giving an extreme reaction. Most people suffering from this have been tortured, been a victim of abuse, which results in them being numb and developing a sense of being isolated from the outer world. People don’t really or give that much attention to the ongoing processes and those previous incidents keep haunting them. Sometimes, they react unpredictably in case they experience the same which have had happened to them in the past or when they get triggered.

MYTH 3: There is no scope for people having mental health issues. Once a friend or family member develops mental health problems, he or she will never recover.

People do follow this thinking, which is a total mockery of the people with mental health issues who have recovered fully as well as the medical professionals and dear ones who helped them along. People just need proper care, treatment, and knowledge to fight it. A good, supportive environment helps an individual to develop mentally and gives a sense of growth and stepping forward. 

MYTH 4: Mental illness is just a defense for poor behavior.

This is an improper statement to be made for someone. People facing mental illness may sometimes behave inappropriately, but that doesn’t mean they are just using this serious issue as an excuse. No one wants to be vulnerable all the time around people or to be a topic of discussion for everyone. Those people who fight don’t even react that much to people. It happens only when something triggers them or tries to harm them.

Myths have been around for a long time, but that does not necessarily mean we have to follow them. We are individuals living in modern society, in a world where smart and critical thinking has become the crux of our civilization. We should be a bit politer to those who are fighting mental issues and should spread awareness as much as possible instead of making them feel bad about the condition they are in.

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