The Impact Of Online Classes On Students

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

When it comes to education, it is clear that both learning and teaching have changed with the onset of new technologies and techniques. Chalk Boards, books, notebooks, etc. seems to be ancient tools with the era of tablets and iPhone, smartphones, and e-books upon us. There are some advantages and disadvantages of online education for students.

Advantages of Online Classes:

  • Costs Less:

In-campus education requires a lot of money, in order to buy books, uniforms, or even simply spend in the cafeteria. But as, due to the pandemic, classes are being conducted online it has been easier for students in terms of cost. They’re are taking classes from home and no additional expenditure is required. It saves money.

  • Improves Self Discipline:

Online learning helps the students to become more self-disciplined. They learn to contact their teachers, as and when they require it, in addition to learning to work and keep up with the latest technologies and their uses in the field of education.

  • Easier Communication :

Students can ask questions while teaching. The teachers can easily concentrate on the student’s queries and ask them about topics live.

  • Use of Videos and Graphics:

Students may get bored when focusing solely on the theoretical parts. Many of the students don’t like online classes exactly due to this reason. The use of animations and video graphics may attract the students and make concepts clearer and more understandable.

  • Access at any time and place:

Online Education made it easier to access learning according to the students’ time and place preferences and needs. Students can learn things at any place, no matter how remote it may be. 

  • Learn to live in the new world:

The pandemic has helped us learn in a new way. Education has changed due to this pandemic. 

Disadvantages of Online Classes:

  • Financial Problems:

Out of every 100, only 75 of the family have the financial luxury to buy smartphones, laptops for their students. The people who live in rural areas often do not have the basic requirements to fulfill their basic needs; how can they manage a smartphone for their children? So the financial problem is one of the main problems that affect students in these online classes.

  • Difficult for weaker students:

The online classes have been difficult for weaker students who are not active in classes. These classes have made them lazier, and many of them often do not attend the classes. This may affect their future studies.

  • Lacks face to face communication:

Online classes lack face-to-face communication between the students and the teacher. The students hesitate to talk to the teacher about their doubts and questions. There is a communication gap between the students and the teachers.

  • Inability to focus on the screen:

The students may get tired of looking at the screen the whole day. This may cause other diseases like eye problems, headaches, for students. Many of the colleges and schools conduct classes for 8 hours a day, which may not be able to cope with the technology.

  • Network Issues:

Many of the students have network issues while attending online classes. In rural areas, students might not be receiving a stable network. In such cases, they become unable to attend the class and miss the classes.

In simple words, online classes had made learning better as well as boring. The outcome eventually depends upon the children. How effectively they make use of this chance and reap the benefits is up to them.

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